Sunday, February 25, 2018
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morning walk deep breathing

When I asked Dr Kapoor about the medicines that need to be taken, he replied: ‘The first thing I would like to tell those who suffer from breathing trouble caused by smoke or pollution is that they should indulge in deep breathing for some time daily.

He said the body needs oxygen to flush the system of impurities too.’ I asked him, ‘Does morning walk help?’. Dr Kapoor said, ‘It certainly helps but the result would be much better if you also carry on deep breathing. I told him that the Yoga people recommend sitting posture but what if people walk and inhale-exhale through the deep-breathing process? Dr Kapoor said, ‘Some postures may be more beneficial, some less. But there can be no doubt that deep breathing in any form is welcome. It will help’.
About first aid for cracker burns I asked for some tips from Dr Bajaj. He replied: If there are cases of burns then water should be kept handy to cool the burning sensation. Expose the area of burn to running water. Don’t use  coloured ointments  as they will prevent doctors from examining the depth and intensity of the burn. But applying a clear ointment will help. However , in case of second degree or third degree burns consult a doctor immediately’. He explained:  ‘ In a second degree burn, the person may develop blisters, while in the third which is the most severe the skin is completely charred and could turn white . Hence provide immediate medical assistance, he warns because any delay  could destroy the inner tissues and muscles. Dr Bajaj says, ‘If a person feels pain at the burning spot it is good sign showing that the nerves have survived’. I said: ‘But doctor, these days doctors in government hospitals don’t attend properly and ultimately relatives of patients have to go to a lawyer to file a suit against them , charging them with neglect. He says: ‘That happens in rare cases. I can assure you that most men in my profession are real gems whose aim is to cure a man and not to harass him’
TAILPIECE: Our veteran reader Rajeev Dave, when told about my interview with doctors and  the apprehensions about some patients ultimately rushing to courts for compensation, came out with his  Humour Bomb (that causes no atmospheric pollution but...)and  said, reciting an Urdu couplet:
’Khuda mahfooz rakhe in teen balaon se, Hakeemon  se, Vakeelon se, Haseenon ki adaaon se...’ If you call it pedestrian humour he has the answer. He read it written behind a tempo rushing through the streets of Delhi!’

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