Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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diwali sms war

The Festival of Lights is over. But more than the sound of crackers it is the echo of good wishes that continues to thrill us and this trend may go on because of the SMS facility made available on mobile phones.
But some people stick to the traditional landline phone to convey their greetings.

And this year I received such festive phone-calls from dear readers like S.S.Majithia(just back from Delhi), Principal G.C.Saxena, Principal K.C.Shah Jagati, Kusumji Zutshi, Neeraj Kanta Verma, James A.Dawson and also Mr S.N.Bagga whom I personally rang up to wish and also toinquire about his health.
Just recall those days when there was no mobile phones. Landline telephones were also not very common. There were millions who had no other way of communicating with their near and dear ones except by either travelling home from a distant city or sending a greeting telegram. The Posts & Telegraph department had done a big favour to the people then by introducing the ‘Numbered’ facility for special type of telegrams. All that one had to do was to just mention that Number(which could be one for sending festival greetings or  birthday greetings or wedding blessings/good wishes or a condolence message . Even so, the rush of greeting telegrams  used to be so great that more often than not, the telegrams reached destination late. But they did reach sooner or later to convey the greetings of a beloved one who could not be near you for various compulsive reasons.
But today that barrier has been crossed. The telegram is now a forgotten chapter of expressing greetings or sorrow or conveying an urgent message. In fact now we do not see a telegram delivery man around. And the new generation might not be acquainted with him at all! He would give a knock at midnight, You would receive the telegram. Sometimes it contained the message of a guest or a relative’s arrival. But subsequently it was decided to stop delivery of telegrams at night. Only those containing messages of death were to be delivered.
Today the telegram is a forgotten entity. Now you can offer greetings on mobile phone. And if you can’t have the time to do so in every case, you can send an SMS. That will reach in no time. And if the Internet does not fail you, you can send letters of love and affection to your near and dear ones far, far away.

Fr Isidore’s   greetings

Fr. Isidore

I was thrilled to receive an SMS from the most unexpected quarter. The sender was Fr Isidore Fernandes, who, till recently, was the Bishop of Allahabad. He is still the Bishop of several hearts.He sent an SMS to me which I am reproducing:

‘Happy Diwali to You! May this Feast of lights dispel the darkness of evil from your life, thus creating you a messenger of love, peace and goodness.

-Fr. Isidore’


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