Sunday, February 25, 2018
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burn injuries

Different doctors gave their suggestions for preventing mishaps during Diwali. On reading reports that Diwali festival lasts for a month  some readers want to know what should be done instantly when a person receives burn injuries through cracker blasts or due to any other reason.

One young medico, Dr Sauraj rang me up to say that for first-degree burns it is good to apply running water, cold icy water but for second degree and third-degree burns, cold water should not be used. Instead, water at room temperature should be used. I asked him, ‘But why not cold-water ‘? He says that too cold water would sharply  bring down the body temperature of the victim  who may then suffer from low blood pressure and even lose consciousness. He therefore warned that when the burn injuries are severe iced water could prove to be harmful.
But this was a precaution. What about some quick remedy? asked another reader. He said: ‘Sir, don’t quote big allopathic drugs. We cannot know what their reaction would be. Some of them may be very good. But they could have adverse reaction. Why don’t you ask some homeopath to name some remedy that may provide quick relief?

I rang up Dr Kapoor and asked him whether it was possible for him to reveal the name of some  homoeopathic drug which could prove to be effective in treating burn injuries. Without hesitation, he said, ‘Yes, there is one remedy—many people call it Magic Remedy—for burns’. He says it has to be taken orally as well as applied externally. And then he said: The name of the medicine is CANTHARIS. You have to put 10 drops of it in an ounce of olive oil and then keep on applying this mixture at brief intervals, as advised by the medico. At the same time he said that  Cantharis-30 may be taken orally  at regular intervals as advised by an expert. The potency of the drug can be increased as per requirements’. Well dear readers, if you try this remedy, which is supposed to be a magic remedy, do let me know the results.
But there can be no better remedy than prevention which is always better than cure. So keep away from crackers. Even if their sound intensity is low, their capacity to spread air-pollution is great.
TAILPIECE: I don’t have any tailpiece today. But if I were Rajeev Dave I would like to ask: Doctor Sa’b, what’s the remedy for a burning heart? And I would quote the song, ‘Dil jalta hai’. Mukesh sings, ‘Dil jalta hai to jalne de’. Should a Homeopath or an Allopath or a Hakim/Vaid allow this even if the victim says, ‘Ansoo na  baha fariyad na kar?’- Dr Kapoor, Dr Bajaj, Dr Usmani, have you a remedy? Please tell us so that couples with burning hearts may not jump from the new Yamuna Bridge!

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