Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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azam khan

Azam Khan was in town  the other day to offer condolences to the bereaved family of  an erstwhile ministerial colleague, Rajaram Pandey, who recently passed away after a massive heart attack. This was a humane gesture that deserves to be lauded.

Azam Khan has shown that if he has a tough exterior, he also possesses a tender heart.
The Urban Development Minister knew that he was visiting a city which is sitting atop a volcano of garbage that could  result in major disaster if left unattended to. His attention was drawn to the indefinite strike by the private company that was lifting garbage from house to house. But he came because his mission was to console and not to be cowed down by those protesting against the unhealthy environment . Azam Khan told pressmen that let the Municipal Commissioner, Pradeep Kumar, submit any proposal. He will  thereafter decide on the steps to be taken.

We would like to remind Azam Khan about his promise to dump the officials into the Ganga if  they did not complete well the projects assigned for the Mahakumbh. But there has been no news about any one of the guilty men having been punished. This is bound to have a demoralizing impact on those honest souls who work tirelessly and are yet to be  implicated in false cases. If there is anything like instant justice, then Azam Khan should  scrutinize the files of all those tainted officials who have been  transferred and recall them to face the music . We know Azam Khan can do it. He is strong, firm and can hit back at those who may try to use nasty language in his presence.

Meanwhile, citizens are wondering when the  door-to-door collection of garbage will be resumed. There have been cases wherein some of the sweepers, serving the private company, are now volunteering to do the job if they are paid the same amount. But when one of them started asking for the payment of arrears that were due to the company and not individuals, some people got alert. They smelt a rat and told him to first put in a month’s labour and then expect payment for the period for which service will be rendered. I am told that he even promised. When my opinion was sought I said, ‘Don’t pay. He will not come back’. And this is precisely what happened.

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