Saturday, February 17, 2018
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accidents despite traffic drive

Ever since the traffic drive was launched,  there have been a number of accidents in the city, some turning even fatal. Why this is so, I cannot say But I know one thing. If any traffic drive is to succeed, it should be started on a permanent basis.

Only then will the fear of police act as a deterrent. Now a days such drives are ignored. The clever ones, who have something to hide, bypass the crossings where checking might be on.
For any drive to succeed, there has to be mobile checking staff too. Let it go around the city and  take by surprise those law violators who  make sure that they are indulging in mischief not at a police chauraha but at an unmanned  crossing. It would be interesting to let loose a team of mobile traffic checkers to run between busy crossings so that the traffic violators may be apprehended midway.  This chain snatching and dupatta-pulling takes place  between crossings and not at manned crossings.
The traffic police should give a chase to the defaulter till they catch hold of him. I may recall a war-time incident(when the world war ll was on). This incident was narrated to me by none else but the late Dr S.K.Mukherjee who said he was returning home (near High Court) from Civil Lines when two MPs( military police)blew the whistle, asking him to halt. They too were on cycles. When he and a friend did not heed, the MPs started giving them a chase. This went on for quite some time till the MPs overtook them. They asked for an explanation from them but seeing that they were students, they let them off with a warning.
We have no such warning system—or for that matter any system to curb traffic chaos on roads. And the tragedy is that   some of them want to reform the kiddies in schools, forgetting that teachers are there to tell them everything about the traffic rulesand  about all the in intricacies involved. They must concentrate on educating the rickshaw pullers, the taxi drivers, the bus, truck and tempo drivers. How can these drivers  be allowed to shoot through our roads at gate-crashing speed and consequently knock down others, especially those who could be strictly following the rules?

TAILPIECE: Rajeev Dave says it was wrong on my part to have approached some doctors to advise on what should be done when ‘Dil jalta hai’. He says these blokes are heartless. They undertake heart surgery but know nothing of the emotions that flood a heart. He then recited a couplet:
‘Ab un se milne ki koi khwaish nahin baki, Lekin ha(n), bahut din se unhen dekha hi nahin’.(Eye specialaist may say:”His vision must be affected. Let him come to me I will test his eyes!”)

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