Thursday, January 18, 2018
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murder F.I.R

And   can police be as callous as those of the Ishwar Saran outpost? A senior colleague of mine reports that on October 12 a muscleman barged into their house in connection with a case and threatened to kill him.

He also threatened his wife and son. The colleague told me that this intruder went to the extent of warning him that he was vulnerable , specially while returning home late in the night from duty.
My colleague tells me that he lodged an FIR to this effect in the Colonelganj Thana on October 14. But the police has taken no action. He presumes  that the Colonelganj police must have asked the Ishwarsaran Chowkie incharge to inquire into that matter as the locality where he stays, Galla Bazar,  falls within the jurisdiction of this police outpost. Our colleague suspects that the Ishwar Saran Chowkie cops are deliberately not taking any action on the FIR because they could be under the influence of the bully.
I would request the SSP to kindly pursue the matter and bring to book  --even transfer--whoever is responsible for not taking any action on the FIR.

This is not the first instance of its kind. If we just scan through newspaper reports we will come across umpteen instances of FIRs either not being lodged or lodged but with no action taken. If a bully carries out murder threat cops pass it as an instance of ‘old enmity’. If they know about such old-enmities ,why don’t they nip them despite lodging FIRs?  In the past invariably on all such occasions the higher police officials have had to intervene after which the FIRs have been lodged. It is a pity that this malpractice of protecting the culprit and harassing the victim has been going on in both urban and rural areas even though the incidence may be lower in the cities. If this is how the police at the thana level will act all the time, how can law and order be enforced? How will the weak be protected against bullies and other law breakers? If those supposed to uphold the law turn into breakers of law, from where will a commoner get justice?

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