Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Girls High School Allahabad

Do you know that Girls High School, a prestigious English-medium school of the city, was affiliated  to Allahabad University  for 16 years i.e. from 1898 till 1914? But that is a fact.

In those  days Allahabad University was an affiliating University and even High School and Inter colleges all over the State, nay the northern region, would be  affiliated to this University as it was the only one right till Peshawar. The Agra and Punjab Universities came much later. I once mentioned that even Ghazipur schools were given certificates by Allahabad University and had stated this  by personally seeing  Allahabad University’s  High School/Inter certificates of Mr Justice(late) Kamala Kanta Verma- who  subsequently became  Chief Justice of  Allahabad High Court and  thereafter of Rajasthan High Court. But when the UP Board of High School and Intermediate was set up and Agra University established, Allahabad University’s era of an affiliating university  came to an end.
But GHS  belonged to a different category.  Giving this information to me Dr Jonathan Masih (Phone No 9838780333),  who has been an eminent educationist himself and now stays in Senior Citizens’ Home on 16 Strachey Road (renamed Ram Mandir Road), reveals that according to the ‘Govt Return for 1887’ there were only five girls studying in Arts Colleges in the whole country. Out of these five girl students,  four were from Bethune College, Calcutta and one was from the Girls High School, Allahabad. Now isn’t that something to be really proud of? I am sure Principal Vinita Eusabeus would be delighted to see that we are bringing this to the notice of our esteemed readers. Dr Jonathan has also congratulated the BHS on its glorious completion of 150 years  and says  ‘it is a matter of great pride that today BHS continues to be a pioneering institution in the country, truly deserving to be awarded by the exclusive commemorative stamp by the grateful nation.’.  

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