Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The traffic cops periodically go to schools and waste their own time as well as that of the teachers and students by inflicting on them a lecture on traffic tips. The kiddies forget that as soon as the uniformed officers go back.

But Principals can easily order that helmet-wearing be compulsory. For this they will have to pass an order asking all scooter/bike-using-boys to come to schools with helmets . The Principal should warn students that if they come on bikes without helmets they will not be allowed entry and face punishment. The Principals should first order that all children who come on bikes should submit their names. Then each one should be called and it should be ensured that he possesses a helmet. If he doesn’t he must be told to immediately procure one. The Principal can even give contract to some standard helmet shop to sell ISI- marked products to their students on the premises. Parents should be told that helmet is a part of the school uniform for a student who comes on a bike. They must be told that if he is found to come without wearing one, the school will provide him one and that they would be billed for it at double the rate.
The Principals should instruct class teachers to ensure that every boy riding bikes/scooters has brought a helmet along. Those possessing bikes should have this information mentioned on the attendance register. When the teacher is taking attendance she must mark such names twice, once for personal attendance and once for bringing a helmet. If the helmet is not there, then in the attendance register a cross be put. The register should be seen in the Principal’s office to detect who all have come without a helmet. To cross-check the information, class teachers too should send to the Principal’s office the names of those who have come without helmets. It would still be better if all students keep their helmets on the desk so that those without one can easily be identified. Those who don’t bring one for some reason or the other should be made to stand on the chair for five minutes.
The schools will have to do something like this because it is their duty to educate the children from all angles. I recall SJC’s Father Stany used to be very strict. At one stage he had asked senior boys not to come on scooters and bikes. He would personally go round the compound, visit the cycle stands and stand at the exit gates to catch a defaulter. Now has come the time when schools should enforce a drive for compulsory wearing of helmets. This will prove to be more effective than any lecture that the Traffic SI may deliver

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