Sunday, February 25, 2018
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 police checking

But it is not just school boys who are committing the folly of not wearing helmets. There are adults, some studying in universities and degree colleges who can hardly be dictated to by teachers, more so because teachers are mostly conspicuous by their absence.

And then there are other members of the public too who are not wearing helmets. The police can enforce this law  by stopping riders without helmets. They must contact some standard helmet seller to be with them at the crossing. The riders not wearing helmets should be asked to buy one. If they say that they have no money or have one at home and may produce someone else’s helmet to save themselves, they must be asked to show receipt in their name—the name of the license holder. Those who don’t have the money  should be asked to leave their vehicles there, fetch the money , buy the helmet and then take possession of their vehicles. I recall those good old days when Nagar Mahapalika used to collect cycle tax at the crossings. They would insist that the non-license holder buy one or go home and get the money. Till then the cycles would be kept at the crossing.
We have to be strict. If we just allow them to go after taking suvidha shulk from them, this malpractice, this defiance of law will never end.
The police will first have to make up its mind that it will be strict and will yield to no pressure no matter how high and mighty be the person violating the helmet law.  Once the determination takes strong roots,  they will try to catch the bull by its horn and succeed too.
The traffic police should become tough on the helmet issue . And they must set an example by first ensuring that their own bikers wear the helmet when riding. This is not being done. In fact cops can be seen riding three on a bike and without wearing any helmet. How can they take defaulters to task if they themselves are defaulters too? If the police are lax, if they themselves violate the traffic laws, they will hardly have the moral face to check others. Mr Traffic SI, the cleansing should be done within too before raising a finger at others.

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