Thursday, January 18, 2018
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festival has come and gone

Before the advent of the festive season, people had been clamouring for a cleaner Allahabad. The flood havoc had added to our miseries. Mounds and heaps of filth and garbage could be seen here, there and everywhere. 

The uncollected garbage from different areas of the city seemed to be claiming proudly: ‘Festivals may come, festivals may go,  But I go on forever!’.
 Right now this seems to be the position and only efforts on a war scale can save Allahabad from turning into a city of epidemics which are bound to break out if an open invitation is given to them by these stinking, rotting heaps of garbage.
The people have become sick of listening to the same old tale of shortage of manpower and lack of funds to clear the arrears of a private company that was hitherto taking care of garbage- lifting from door to door. How does that concern the common man?  Some people have even been asking as to whether  it was  necessary to spend such huge funds  on free distribution of laptops  to students when the health of these very young men is hanging in a balance rocking between filth and garbage in the surroundings they live?
Our correspondent states that  heaps of garbage are stinking in several localities including Meerapur, Kareli, Malaviya Nagar, Rani Mandi, Attarsuiya, Nakhaskona, Katju Road, Khuldabad, Himmatganj, Kaladanda, Ashok Nagar, Rajapur, Kamla Nagar and so on.When will they be lifted? 
We celebrated the Children’s Day the other day. That was fine. But what are we doing for our children living in these localities where the surroundings have been horror-struck by garbage?  If kiddies, whose parks in different localities have been either snatched by encroachers or are being used for tying buffaloes, start playing cricket on roadsides in the hope of emerging one day as another Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli, what happens? The ball is hit hard by the batsman and it lands right into the dump of garbage with ants and worms crawling all over. The child has to retrieve the ball or else the batsman will keep on scoring runs. He jumps into the heap, fishes out the ball and returns it to the bowler. But what happens to him in the meanwhile? With his mouth open after running a lot  -- he is panting for breath –when the kid bends to pick up the ball he swallows deadly germs. The laptop at home cannot save him then. Let us look at the problem from this angle too. How can we endanger the lives of our tiny tots?

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