Thursday, January 18, 2018
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garbage flood

When floods come, help pours in from all sides. Emergency arrangements are then made to restore normalcy. Right now the city has been invaded with flood of a different nature. We have been flooded with uncleared heaps of garbage and these are posing a threat to human life too as they  are storing seeds of epidemics within their bosoms.

And our authorities are unable to cope with the requirements of the situation. If there is a severe outbreak of an epidemic, then health teams will be rushed from all over the state  to conduct rescue operations. Isn’t prevention always better than cure? If the State can spend  lakhs on meeting the challenge of a natural calamity, what about the man-made calamity which is  destroying and polluting the environment ?
Our priorities will have to be reset. Why wait for an epidemic to spread death and suffering and then sanction funds in lakhs to save the survivors when, by spending less fund on garbage clearance, that vast expenditure can be averted? It is a pity that we seem to pay scant attention to the cleanliness of the city. The British took better  care of Allahabad. They ensured that all roads and streets were swept daily. They ensured that no garbage heap was allowed to rot on roadsides. They would have tankers fitted with sprinklers that would go round the dusty roads in summers and shower the thoroughfares to make the roads use worthy. You could not find a single drain overflowing. The level of the water remained barely an inch or two above the base. And since there was no blockage  of the drain passage anywhere, there was no overflowing of drain waters. And, what is more, some of the bylanes of Civil Lines, like Lohia Marg(then Colvin Road) were ‘katcha’. It is much later, many years after independence that these roads got a coating of tar. We have not been able to preserve what we inherited. In fact we have destroyed much of it.




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