Thursday, January 18, 2018
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heavy trucks

Heavy trucks are claiming victims somewhere or the other; and these trucks are being driven by those drivers who might not have been subjected to any counselling by the Traffic Department whereas the victims might have received the benefit of their guidance during school meets.

That does  not help because  discipline cannot be a one-sided affair.  Had the ban on the entry of truck from November 1  been enforced strictly and heavy vehicles prohibited, two cousins would not have been crushed to death in Alopi Bagh near Geeta Niketan the other day. They were going on a bike when a truck dashed against them, despatching them prematurely to their heavenly abode and leaving their families shattered.
It may be mentioned that the SSP had announced that from November 1,  trucks  won’t be allowed to pass through the city  except those carriers which were transporting goods to be delivered in the city. But these trucks too are supposed to enter the city at night. If this was the ban order, how is it that this man eater on wheels was allowed entry in defiance of the ban?
This is indeed a very serious matter.  Orders prohibiting the entry of trucks cannot be flouted at will .  If the ban was in force, who allowed it to be violated by allowing  the truck to enter the city?  The matter needs to be thoroughly probed and the cops at the entry points pulled up. The obvious conclusion any one will draw is that the truck driver bribed his way through the city.  If true, this is highly to be deplored.
I would like to suggest to our SSP that he should make public a special phone number on which any citizen may make a complaint about the entry of any truck during the prohibited hours. An extension should be kept in the SSP’s office where a person could be deputed to overhear whether or not the call is being attended to and whether or not any action is taken on the complaint lodged. Unless there is a cross-check there is no guarantee that any well-intentioned step would bear any fruitful results.
Some such method will have to be devised or else ban orders will  continue to be flouted with none taking any notice until some mishap occurs and a furore is created.

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