Thursday, January 18, 2018
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bhangra n bandmens time

I think if roadside ‘Bhangras’ are banned, baraats will not be delayed and there will be less of traffic jam too. If this is not possible then it should be announced that let the bhangra dancers move with the baraat instead of causing it to pause and halt. Another way to enforce punctuality could be through rationing of  bandsmen’ time.

The district authorities should pass an order that the booking of band-parties will be done at a specific office. The  band-masters will be issued a card for the wedding party, stating the duration of the band display – the starting and the ending time. The bandsmen have to be told that they have strictly to abide by the printed time. Police checking must be done at random on the way. The  timings on the card should be checked. If any band party is exceeding the limit of the time sanctioned, it may be challaned and the marriage hosts be fined on the spot. This might have some deterrent effect. If under compulsion caused by the availability of the band for a limited period  the bride-groom’s party proceeds on time, it would save a lot of botheration to the bride’s party where food has to be constantly heated in this cold weather. Delay forces the bride’s people to continue serving snacks to the `gharatis’ who are punished by the late baraats to sit there doing nothing for many hours. What a relief it would be if punctuality were to be enforced that way.

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