Saturday, February 17, 2018
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indira ji

An elderly person walked into my room the other day, slowly and steadily; and, without any introduction, kept on proceeding towards my table. His escort was behind him. But a faint glimmer of smile on the latter’s face put me at ease. This gentleman said: ‘I have been trying to contact you.

I was very eager to meet you. I left my address and phone number on your table when I came last but you did not give me a ring...’ But thereafter he relaxed and said, ‘ Bt I presume my message never reached you. ‘ He then said,’I have come here to pay compliments to the Patrika. It moves us emotionally when we go through those write-ups in which you remind us of the days gone by, of the personalities no more. You are bringing back to life those events, those people who were once a part and parcel of our lives.’ What he was trying to tell me was that on reading this column or media musings, nostalgia gripped the readers who had seen those days. It would amount  to saying, ‘Woh bhooli dastan, phir yaad aa gai’. This gentleman said, ‘We don’t go through other news items as they are already flashed on TV channels and are common in all newspapers. But what Rover writes is special’. I asked the gentleman to introduce himself. He said his name was B.K.Das Gujarati. He is in his eighties and still a practising  advocate  who started his career  in 1950 or so in the lower courts—which means that he has been  active in the field of law for nearly  64 years! But when he said that he knew my elder brother,  memory bells rang loud in my mind and I could figure him as a young, handsome man. Even now he looked so slim and smart. Since Patrika is his favourite newspaper, how could I not be drawn towards him?
There are many others too who are gripped by nostalgia when they read about things and people gone by. Their own beautiful memories are associated with those people, those events and those songs. And Mr Gujarati came on Indiraji’s birtthday, after presumably reading the write-up on her in this column, though he didn’t say so.  However, not only he but others like Mrs Mukti Vyas, Prof Yogeshwar Tewari, Dr Saad Usmani  also rang me up to say that it was indeed fascinating to see the picture of young Indira and also  those incidents that spoke so eloquently about her love for this city. Once again it could be said, ‘Woh bhooli dastan, lo phir yad aa gai’.

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