Sunday, February 25, 2018
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crosthwaite girls

Our  colleague in Amrit Prabhat  has given a shocking  description of the horrifying sanitary conditions near the  Crosthwaite Girls Inter College in Allahabad. The area close to the school’s boundary wall is stinking because of the accumulated garbage heaps rotting there for the past several days.

He says it is difficult to breathe there without swallowing pollution. The girls living in the hostel are passing through harrowing time because of this stink. Near the Kabar Market In the thickly populated  by-lanes, the choked, uncovered drains are overflowing  . The result is that the dirty drain water can be seen  creeping  all around and spreading stink if not disease. People have to wade through this filthy area. Their plight can well be imagined.
According to the corporator of Nai Basti, Kydganj,  Kiran Jaiswal,  it is not the shortage of funds but the lack of proper supervision which has led to highly insanitary conditions. Temporary hands are paid Rs3000 but the permanent staff members are being  given Rs4000 each. It is the latter who are hardly performing their duties properly while drawing higher salary than the  temporary hands.   Many would like to know whether   it is just lack of supervision  or deliberate privilege accorded to the permanent ones who escape the rigours of hard work by greasing the palms of those that matter? It is being said that if the temporary hands are also paid an amount equal to that of the permanent staff, they may not grudge the discriminatory treatment meted out to them and in return do better work. The matter should receive immediate attention of the authorities concerned so that   sanitary arrangements are streamlined there.
We must take special care of the school surroundings because  hundreds of children are affected by air pollution caused by the accumulated, stinking heaps of garbage. Lifting of garbage regularly should be done on war footing. We cannot allow the health of the tiny tots to be sacrificed  in order to accommodate a staff that just does not realize that it has a duty to perform.

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