Thursday, January 18, 2018
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tanker truck tempo drivers

Yet another life—that of a young girl-- was lost when a tempo overturned  after being hit by a speeding tanker near the Union Public Service Commission crossing. In similar circumstances another life was lost in Alopibagh the other day when a speeding truck caused the mishap.

The Traffic police may be doing a wonderful job by fining defaulters. But what are they doing to check speed. And how is it that the reckless drivers are not noticed by the cops?
We have been saying for long that the traffic cops should  do a bit of counselling of tempo drivers, truck and tanker drivers instead of rushing to schools to teach kiddies. The kiddies don’t cause accidents. They don’t speed through the city roads driving trucks. But this the traffic cops will not do. Why? Those who are in the know of the inside working of the traffic department say that trucks and  tempos are the hens that lay the golden eggs for them daily in cash or kind.
So far as tempos are concerned, I would like you to just stand on Hewett Road. You will find cops taking a free ride. The man sitting next to the constable could be a collaborating pickpocket in league with the driver. But the cop is hardly bothered. The tempo drivers have therefore been having a merry time. At night if they find a lone woman occupant, they switch on their audio system at a high volume while their accomplices try to molest the girl whose cries cannot be heard because of the loud volume of the CD being played.   Likewise the erring truck/tanker drivers have a permanent clearance certificate with them. This certificate has got nothing to do with the documents issued by the RTO office. These are unofficial  certificates indicating that the driver has paid the required suvidha shulk and in return is permitted to race through with overloaded vehicles as well. They are hardly checked so that if they are carrying prohibited stuff they are not challenged.
If this allegation is true, then who needs counselling? The truck/tanker drivers or the traffic cops who commit these irregularities to make easy buck! Road discipline will go to dogs if all this is not stopped.

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