Saturday, February 17, 2018
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atm gaurds

The Bangalore report of the incident, wherein a woman was badly assaulted inside an ATM room, has created  panic among the users of this service all over the country, Allahabad included. I recall that a few years ago, when an ATM was installed in Civil Lines, it  used to be guarded by a security personnel.

Why this practice was given up is a mystery. Even if it raises establishment costs, it would always be worthwhile to have a well-trained security guard compulsorily posted at all the ATM centres to inspire confidence among the users of this facility. Incidentally the bankers explained that CCTV cameras had been installed and that these act as a good deterrent. But this did not happen in Bangalore . In spite of the CCTV camera recording the  entire ghastly incident and revealing the face of the crooked person, none was arrested. The man got nothing because the lady resisted. But in the process she got badly injured. And what if he had withdrawn her money from the bank? She would have been on the streets.
The police in Allahabad has asked the banks to make ATM safe by deploying security guards there. If this is simultaneously accompanied by police patrolling outside to nab the suspicious characters who might be loitering there, then the possibility is that there would be more safety around such establishments. I have often seen people visiting ATMs in the early hours to withdraw money. Some go in cars. Others go on scooters. I have noticed how some of them look scared and keep on looking this side and that side to ensure that none would follow them to snatch their bag. Presumably they require the money at that early hour. Or maybe they feel that anti-social elements won’t be around at that hour, having pursued their questionable activities till late-night hours and could be snoring. But at that hour the risk is greater because there is none around to respond to any call for help that a person in distress may give.

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