Sunday, February 25, 2018
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moblies phones are misued

I may again repeat that the mobile phone has become a very dangerous tool in the hands of anti-social elements. Girls sitting in tempos, ringing up their  family to tell them where they are going. All that information, if overheard by a mischievous brat, may be passed on through another mobile to those living in the area close to the tempo halt. If they know that the girl is to walk  quite a distance to reach her friend’s place—as loudly revealed by her own phone and overheard by others—the crooks will make it a point to wait for her as soon as she reaches a lonely area on the route.

That is the point where a van may come and abduct the girl. The rest of it would follow.
One should also be careful while boarding a rickshaw at night. For instance, if some one going from Railway station to his house in Ashok Nagar hires a ricksaw, and if the driver is in league with some-other anti-social elements, All that he would do on the way is to inform his collaborators that he would be passing by the side of the Polo parade on Hastings Road. That is a lonely area. The accomplices will come. The rickshaw puller would pretend to be taken by surprise and watch helplessly as the robbers loot the occupants. In the  past too there used to be highway robberies at night. But the rickshaw pullers might then have been innocent. Right now one has a feeling that they too are, in many cases,  accomplices in such holdups.
The taxis at the station or bus-stops are even more dangerous. Some of these are indulging in this sort of a dirty game. If two occupants sit and there is place for two more, the driver will ring up accomplices and ask them to board the taxi at a distance, pretending to be regular customers. The occupants, meant to be their targets, will never suspect any foul play. The easiest method is to offer tea from a flask or even offer ‘Prasad; saying that it was from the Hanuman temple. And if that happens to be a Tuesday or a Saturday, the prasad offer would seem to be absolutely natural. If  it is an elderly couple then the wife is bound to fall for the Prasad offer. The best thing would be to accept the Prasad but tell the giver that they are on fast and that they would consume it on reaching home. That will ward off the immediate threat. But they may then try other tricks. They may halt the taxi in a lonely area, force out the couple but keep back their  baggage and flee! These dangers are very much there. If you have a mobile with you, it could help you out of a tight corner. But the crooks will ensure that they first take possession of your mobile phone before they do anything else. Hence, before boarding a taxi, quietly note down its number.

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