Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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dog watch

These days you cannot trust a chowkidar unless he is highly recommended and vouched for  by some friend or agency. But you can trust your dog all right. But if you are to have a pet, you will also have to ensure that the dog does not become too friendly with anyone in the neighbourhood.

In fact if the dog is kept in isolation and is taken out for morning and evening walks by the master of the house himself,  holding him by the  chain, then one can presume that the dog will not  wag its tail before any neighbour. In fact such dogs often create hell of a noise when they keep on barking non-stop. They become nuisance if they keep on doing so the  whole night. You may rush out to see what the matter is and you may find that the dog is barking at a cat perched above on the roof. How you handle the dog is important. Any dog lover will tell you how that can be done.
Some people hang a board outside their locked house, ‘Beware, dog inside’. That keeps the average person scared.  But if you can ensure that the dog does not become a nuisance for the neighbourhood and at the same time keep it aloof from the surroundings I am sure it would be a good watchdog.
But sometimes, within the family there are some members who abhor dogs. They just cannot tolerate them even though the dogs are always wagging their tails before them. I know of a lady who used to hate dogs. And one night she was horrified when the dog, sitting below her cot, went on barking non-stop. She switched on her torch and what did she see? A  snake had coiled around her chappals. Had she got up at night to have water or go to toilet , the snake might even have bitten her. She raised a hue and cry. The household woke up and the reptile was killed. That lady never hated dogs thereafter.

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