Thursday, January 18, 2018
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SJC gala sports meet

A highlight of the English-medium schools in the city is their gala sports meet. Each one of them conducts these games in such a grand and glorious manner as to leave the visitors spell-bound. And the SJC’s post-centenary   XXIX sports show on Saturday, November 24, 2013, was no exception.

The alluring, bewitching, captivating fireworks towards the end will continue to linger in the memory of spectators as the finest among the best that they have witnessed on such occasions.
It has been a long and inspiring journey for the school with each generation of students and teachers, Principals and Headmasters, carrying forward the glorious heritage received from their predecessors and adding their own spectacular efforts to enhance the radiance and glow of the school’s unparalleled, expanding beauty .   The present custodian of the school, Principal Rev Fr Louis Mascarenhas, certainly deserves the cake for the excellent show. One can see the glow of pride on the face of former Principal, Rev K.K.Antony, Chancellor RCD, who was there to bless one and all. And the school must have indeed passed through enthralling moments of pride on welcoming one of their own ex-students, Mr Justice Suneet Kumar, as the Chief Guest and whose words of wisdom to the students came from the core of his heart. I also cannot help marvelling at the deep love and concern that the old alumni of the school have for their alma mater. How grateful the 1974 batch of SJC boys is towards the late Father Rego, one of the finest teachers, a brilliant author , and a strong  disciplinarian, can be fathomed from the fact that in his memory they present every year Father Rego Scholar Award  to the city topper in class ten. It went to Rohan Chabbra this year. Our own Mr Amitabh Adaval,was among those of the 1974 batch who  were seen carrying the gift. Also highly commendable has been the gesture of the 1988 batch of SJC students who contributed lavishly—Rs3 lakhs—for the  construction of a tennis court on the premises. It was quite smart of the college captain Pranjal Awasthi to offer the vote of thanks.
My heart swelled with pride too because I studied in this very St Joseph’s College. That was in 1947. I must be among the senior-most SJC’s ex-students. My contemporary was Sudhir Dar the wellknown cartoonist.
In the end I would like to commend Principal Louis for  quoting  Swami Vivekanand  who had said: ‘If you have faith in three hundred and thirty million of your mythological gods and still have no faith in yourselves, there is no salvation for you.’ Excellent words of motivation indeed—because the theme of the evening was, ‘Believe in yourself,,,expand your horizon’

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