Thursday, January 18, 2018
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CNG cyllinder

There was a cooking gas cylinder blast again—this time time in Malaviya Nagar(Muthiganj), Allahabad in the house of a vendor. Three persons were badly burnt and hospitalized.I was told by an expert recently  that the cooking gas cylinders sent from the refilling plants are thoroughly checked against any leakage and that it is next to impossible that these will become a cause of a blast.

But if the tube is leaking then the room may get filled up with gas and the moment there  is a flame from the lighted oven, it assumes the shape of a fire and the rest of the consequences follow,
But there was another angle too. The allegation is that there is a large-scale pilferage of gas from the packed cylinders a portion out of which is stolen to be transferred into an empty container. A little of gas  from several containers   is needed to make an additional one which is then sold at inflated rates. There seems to be no check on this pilferage.
I was told by a resident of Allahpur  that it would be an under-statement to say that there is no check. Far from it. On the contrary, he alleges, the delivery boy is not alone in this game. He does so at the behest of the masters which could be their immediate boss or the boss of the firm. The gentleman told me: ‘When I threatened to phone up the officials to complain about his blatant theft, he replied that I may try to do so endlessly as the phone call will never be received.’ The gentleman told me that he did ring up the office and to his utter surprise he found no response from the numbers listed as ‘complaints’.
This gentleman also told me that since the pilferage is done in great hurry,  there is every possible that safety norms in packing or closing the latches of the cylinders is not done properly. This is indeed a serious issue. But is there a solution?


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