Thursday, January 18, 2018
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thieves hovering weddings halls

I have been stating in the past too that people should be very particular about their belongings when staying in a wedding house. But people do not seem to worry at all. And one marriage party staying in a guest house under George Town thana fell a victim to wedding thieves.

They carried away a bag containing jewellery worth four lakh rupees and  one lakh rupees in cash.  According to SO Vijay Pratap Singh, the CCTV cameras have captured the figures of two lads moving about mysteriously and carrying a bag. But their faces are not very clear. They appear to be 14-15 years old.
I would suggest that it be made mandatory for the guest houses to provide locker service to their guests for the wedding period. The guests may keep their cash and jewels in these lockers. They would certainly be more safe that way.
Usually the adult thieves do not go to the spot themselves. They send children or lads on whom no suspicion may fall. The children bring out the bag with the booty and hand it over to the adults who thereafter make good their escape. The adults choose such a spot for taking delivery of the bag where the camera eye does not reach.
In the past there were several instances of ornaments being stolen from wedding houses. In some cases children were hired to do the job. May be the kiddies were innocent. Some adult might have told them, ‘Look my hands are soiled. Go bring that bag. And I will give you a chocolate’. The child might have melted, picked up the bag and delivered it to the man concerned, taking in exchange some chocolate slabs from him.

This type of trick can easily be played anywhere. Hence dear readers, if you have booked a wedding hall, please take every care to ensure that even if a thief is around, he just is not able to strike at your wealth.

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