Sunday, February 25, 2018
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overflowing soak pits

Our eminent broadcaster Raja Zutshi, who stays on Drummond Road, says that the much-promised sewer line was never energized here so that people are still making use of the soak-pits to flush out their waste matter. However a time comes when these soak-pits  start overflowing.
In the past Raja says, ‘I would just give them a ring and they would immediately send the team to clean the soak pit.

I would pay  them the hire charges and tip them extra for the work done. He says: ‘But those were the days when the staff was more sensitive. ‘ He laments that once you are out of position, these staffers just ignore their complaints. This is not all: ‘These days  an official may still be present in the office but might have been transferred to another seat. He becomes ineffective’. That was his personal experience speaking. He says that this particular official working in Jal Sansthan  would immediately send a team of scavengers who would clean the soak pit in no time. But now, since that gentleman has been shifted to another seat, he appears to be helpless. “I ring him up. He assures and says he has spoken to the officer concerned’. But no one turns up.
I think there is a regular racket working there. They manipulate things in such a way as to compel an aggrieved party to hire private scavengers who, in turn pay a commission to their contact in the office and charge a hefty amount themselves.
Allahabad’s sewage-management does not appear to be working in top gear. Some officials of the Jal Sansthan are quite sensitive to the grievances of the citizens—provided one can reach them. That is the tragedy. I am told that the General Manager takes personal interest if his attention is drawn to any unattended-to complaint in the city. I would suggest to Raja Zutshi to find out the phone number of the gentleman and ring him up direct if all other avenues for redressal fail.

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