Thursday, January 18, 2018
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ghats are burning

This is what happens when traffic inspector keeps himself busy in teaching tiny tots the essential need to wear helmets while riding a two wheeler even if the kiddies do not ride one. But his silly plea is that  children convey this warning to their elders. Is the Traffic official afraid to counsel the seniors? Why? Because in that case he will first have to discipline his own men who ride three on one. He will have to discipline the tempo drivers, the bus drivers, the truck drivers. How can he do that?

He may be afraid that in this  atmosphere of violence he might become a victim of the anger of the law-breakers. It is this neglectful attitude of the cops that cost the precious life of our dear  fellow journalist Tausif Alam . No tears will be able to express the anguish suffered by his near and dear ones.
Then, right in the heart of the city, on Nawab Yusuf Road, lives of two young men  were snuffed out by a reckless monster on wheels, driving a Roadways bus. The driver escaped. This is a busy road. There was no policeman around on patrolling duty to nab him? He may ultimately be caught but when will the police learn to fix its priorities on the basis of the urgencies so much in evidence in a highly glaring form?
Allowing free passage to big and huge buses on narrow lanes on one-way traffic routes is an invitation to disaster. But the cops do not seem to understand this. They are more keen to go to schools and lecture to the kiddies forgetting that the schools have teachers more competent than them to impart traffic education to them. Why the hell are they intruding on school time at the cost of neglecting their duties? It is shameful, disgraceful to see that one after the other people are dying on roads. The Neros of the Traffic Department are fiddling while the cremation ghats are burning owing to their misplaced priorities. Shame on them. Every life lost on the roads is a testimony to the gross failure of the traffic department to  manage traffic. They complain of shortage of men,. But they have spare ones to go to schools to teach the boys when there are a whole lot of others who urgently need their counselling.

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