Thursday, January 18, 2018
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new bishop allhabad diocese

I learnt from Rev Father K.K.Antony, Director Nazareth Hospital, that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allahabad is the oldest in the world. All dioceses came much later. And subsequently these were carved out of the Allahabad diocese . I told him that there seemed to be similarity between the foundation and growth of the Diocese  and that of Allahabad University which is also the oldest University of northern India & Pakistan.

Other Universities, which came much later, were carved out from Allahabad University.  The Roman Catholic Diocese could trace its origin to Rome, Italy whereas Allahabad University was regarded as the Oxford of the East, once again highlighting its importance as well as  proximity with Europe.  Rev Antony told me that in the past , during the British days and later too, the University and the Diocese had close links. He said ,’Our Bishops were represented on the University Senate’ and explained that the inter-religion cordiality which was promoted through the pioneering efforts of Bishop Mudhartha and Father Bhatt was also facilitated  by the close links between the Oxford of the East and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allahabad.
Rev K.K.Antony also conveyed to us the good news that the new Bishop, Most Rev Raphy Manjaly, will formally be installed Bishop of Allahabad Diocese  on Tuesday December 3, 2013, at St Joseph’s College Allahabad. He will indeed be accorded a very, very warm welcome. Before his taking over and after the departure of Bishop Isidore, Most Rev Ignatius Menezes was performing the duties of the Bishop as the Apostolic Administrator. He deserves all thanks and praise for conducting the affairs of the Diocese with due dedication. 

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