Saturday, February 17, 2018
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ada allow illegal contructions


The Daraganj tragedy of the demolition of an illegal three-storeyed structure over a nullah is too heart-wrenching to be ignored. When even a child could think of self-immolation and the entire family was on the roads with horror looks on their faces, how can one not be moved or provoked into commenting on the incident?

Let me clarify that I am not condemning or opposing the demolition of an illegal structure. But what many people would like to know is, why didn’t the ADA officials intervene when the illegal construction work started? It was no small a structure. How could such a tall building remain unnoticed when, as advocate Mrs Ramodevi Gupta once recalled, the ADA people could see a temporary mud wall on her roof and came rushing to charge her with illegal constructions while ignoring the other illegal structures with which the area was dotted? Did no one ever go to Daraganj all the months that the structure was under construction?

In the past it used to be said, and rightly too, that ignorance of law is no excuse. In this case too if the matter is investigated to the hilt, it will be discovered that the householders had sought advice from ADA officials and some of them had even taken money from them to give them the necessary papers which they might never have given.
How will this practice come to an end? Unless and until the officials concerned are severely punished in an exemplary manner this fraud will not stop – a fraud in which the victims pays but not those who motivated them to go ahead . And the motivator could be  an official in the administrative setup.  These guilty officers are the ones who did not stop the illegal work at its initial stages or those who took money with the promise  to regularise the house, which was never done—because they knew that it could never be done, would never be done. They were also presumably sure that no one will take action against these constructions which in the long run might ultimately be regularized through political manipulation at polling time.  The State must issue a warning—that should illegal constructions be found anywhere, their  construction dates would be traced and  record of the officials who were looking after the ADA work in the localities concerned would then  scrutinized. If they too are punished along with the aggrieved parties, no ADA official will ever have the guts to connive with builders so as to produce one illegal building after another.





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