Thursday, January 18, 2018
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house construction

My contention is: If a motivator of suicide can be arrested, why not motivators of illegal constructions? And these motivators are among the ADA staff as well as those among the builders who have specialised in the art of cheating the gullible.

 We notice that more often than not demolition occurs when the High Court intervenes. If the courts were not to intervene, the builders and the corrupt elements in the ADA would leave no stone unturned to make easy money by duping the gullible and motivating others by    projecting themselves as the  masters of all that can be surveyed at a glance.
My appeal is that the ADA should not wait for High Court  orders to embark on a demolition drive. I would suggest that the top  ADA  officials must particularly note down names of all officials even chaprasis who  were there when various houses had been cleared and constructed. If annual files are updated, then these will be very helpful.
Another observation made by many is that the ADA is only chasing the illegal structures in the far-flung areas of the city. Why are the illegal structures in Civil Lines  being ignored? This is a question that has been asked a number of times. Are we to believe  that there is no illegal structure in Civil Lines? If that be so, why don’t the ADA people issue a public statement that all illegal structures in Civil Lines   would be demolished? The practise of allowing illegal structures to be legalized through payment of  compounding fees should be stopped.  It would be no exaggeration to say that compounding fee is the grandmother of corruption in ADA the mother of corruption being the earnings through false assurances

The authorities concerned—the higher ones—must come out with some drastic preventive measures against illegal constructions. And these preventive steps should primarily aim at giving top priority to punishing the officials in whose zones these take place.  Failure to perform their duty of not allowing illegal construction should invite the strictest of punishment. Only then will these fellows learn to overcome the temptation of two-fold robbing of the citizens, first by misleading them into building houses at wrong places and deriving illegal monetary gains and secondly  by punishing them through demolitions for a fault that was  committed by them at their behest.

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