Thursday, January 18, 2018
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stray-animal nuisance

The citizens are baffled by the spurt in the presence of stray animals of all varieties on our roads in different localities. Cows, bulls and buffaloes are common almost everywhere. But in some localities pigs have added to the nuisance to say nothing of the stray dogs which keep on multiplying in super-geometrical progression. Not to be left alone, in some areas, like Elgin Road, you also find stray horses  neighing and grazing if not running and chasing each other.

Near schools this menacing collection of stray animals has assumed dangerous dimensions. There is none to act.
The pigs could be carrying disease with them. It used to be once reported frequently that encephalitis was spreading via the pigs. Once again one hears of encephalitis cases going up in the city.
A few days ago there was a report that a monkey brigade was harassing and biting people going to the Prayag station. No one touches the monkeys. Some out of religious sentiments and others cite jurisdictional reasons. Nagar Nigam says monkeys belong to the wild life species which are exclusively handled by the Forest Department which, in turn, says that it is supposed to take care of them in the forest area and cannot enter the municipal areas. Even if we accept the Nagar Nigam’s plea that monkeys are the responsibility of the Forest department, what about the other stray animals which are their responsibility? Why aren’t they catching them? They are supposed to give an account of the number of stray animals caught to the Nagar Ayukta. Are they doing so? Perhaps not. Laxity is the anthem of the livestock department. Such departments which are experts at only giving explanations and not doing any concrete work may one day have no answer if the public tells them: ‘If you can’t work, why shouldn’t your  department abolished?’ 

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