Saturday, February 17, 2018
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allahabad university

The  unpalatable incident that took place on the AU science faculty campus  was most unfortunate and something that is not just to be regretted but also condemned in the strongest of terms. The assault on teachers was something one could never, never imagine. I don’t think in the history of Allahabad University such a thing has ever happened—and that too in the Science faculty which has usually maintained calm when the Arts faculty would be seething with discontent.

But the point is: Could the incident be avoided? Facts published in different newspapers indicate that a disabled student was being wronged. Normally when injustice is done or seems to be done to any student, it arouses the anger of the youth. But when the student involved is a disabled person, all sympathy will be aroused in his favour. One newspaper has written that the disabled student was forced to give in writing that he was leaving the University. He did thereafter go off to his home town in Bihar. This allegation—of a letter having been written under force – has been denied. But the discontent was brewing for quite some days as the disabled examinee wanted a helper. If that be so, then why was he denied a helper? It should have been known to all that a disabled person would need a helper. If the University was not to provide him one, shouldn’t he have been refused admission? These are the facts that could have been behind the volcano of anger that burst when his sympathisers learnt that he had left for Bihar.
We hope that things will calm down. The assaulters should not escape the proctorial action. At the same time I would like to say that the threat given by teachers to go on strike if the culprits are not arrested is unbecoming of their dignity and status. In a way they themselves are responsible for it too. Obviously there must be something wrong with our system of education. Or else why would the students attack their own teachers?  Just think of those days when people like Professor S,.C.Deb were proctors. One call from him would send the unruly mob away. Let us look within to find out whether or not we have gone wrong somewhere. Maybe we have—or else, why haven’t we produced another Dr Ishwari Prasad, another S.C.Deb and another J.K.Mehta? 

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