Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Advocate Ikram Ahmad (32 A Elgin Road) is indeed a worried man these days. He must have given relief to so many clients in difficult cases but has failed to get any results despite trying his best to solve two problems that have been nagging him for a long, long time. One of them pertains to his  landline phone No 2623800.

Several months ago he got it restored, paid all the arrears too. The line was connected all right but it has not been made fully serviceable. He says that once there was some life in the instrument. He could dial all right. But whenever someone else rang up, his bell would not ring. The linesman did come, acknowledged too that the flaw was there, promised to do the needful but nothing has been done so far. He says the most astounding part of the story is that he is being served the monthly bill  month after month.  There are no calls. But they are charging for the rental for something not used! This is indeed a serious lapse on the part of the Telephones department which seems to be treating its landline customers in a step-motherly manner.
The other problem is equally acute. His gate falls on Lohia Marg. This road till recently was flooded with mechanic shops on the pavement  between the GHS children’s gate and Elgin Road crossing. But the GHS had them removed from there after the pucca pavement was made there. Those encroachers shifted to Lohia Marg beyond Elgin Road towards Kanpur Road. Apart from the ‘thuk thuk thuk’ which disturbs their peace, the mechanics sometimes spread their goods so wide as to cover even the space in front of Mr Ikram’s gate. Sometimes it is difficult to go in or come out. Whenever these mechanics are asked to remove their goods they give some excuse or the other.
If encroachments are being removed, why are they being shifted to other places and creating problems there? As I have been maintaining, let there be a separate Repair Colony where all the car and two-wheeler mechanics may put up their stalls. It is an outrage outright  to allow encroachers to shift from one place to another and that too on the same road! Will the Nagar Nigam intervene?

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