Sunday, February 25, 2018
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murder cartoon

A report from Aligarh says that three bike-borne  assailants sprayed  the Principal of  Sanskrit College, Sadhu Ashram with bullets when he was walking in the busy Harduaganj market the other day. A land dispute might be the reason behind the murder for which a former Gram Pradhan and his four sons have been arrested. I am giving this report to say that after the incident, students got wild and staged a chakka jam in anger.

This showed that the students loved their Principal.
 I would like to say again that students will always adore their teachers if the teachers perform their task of helping them in their studies and going out of their way to assist the needy. Dr Amaranatha Jha used to pay the fees of several students. Prof P.C.Jain used to lend books to students from his personal library. Other teachers were also known to have done that. Respect is won through the heart and not commanded through coaching institutes via the copying mafia-dons.

TAILPIECE:  Advocate’s Phone:- I wrote on Sunday morning that an advocate’s repeated pleas for setting right his landline phone No2623800 have fallen on deaf ears. Our reader Raja Zutshi rang me up later to say that he rang up advocate Ikram Ahmed on the telephone number given and the response he got was: ‘This number does not exist’. Then how are they charging rental month after month for a telephone having a number that does not exist? asks Mr Zutshi. Have you the answer?

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