Sunday, February 25, 2018
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au campus stir

Happenings on AU campus of late have perturbed the  citizens of Allahabad who have associated only academics with the University and not violence.  Coming first to  the violence which took place in the Science Faculty the other day, it is being stated that the same  was not spontaneous but well planned.

Assuming that  it was simmering on slow fire, why was it allowed to burst into a volcano of violence and not nipped in the bud? The authorities are now saying that the disabled student was not harassed but was, on the contrary, helped by all teachers to accommodate  him even by relaxing rules in his favour. If that be so, why did the violence occur?  And what about the alleged letter that was said to have been written under duress by the disabled student , saying that he was leaving the campus? There are several queries that need to be answered. The teachers are blaming the district authorities for not taking action against those who indulged in violence. Obviously the administration wants to get to the whole truth before taking any action. The University authorities are not probing the incident but expect the police to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for them. The police version cannot also be regarded as reliable even if it may be so. Hence an impartial inquiry is called for. If outsiders are blamed for violence why are outsiders allowed?
The other incident was an aftermath of the trouble between two groups of students, each belonging to a different hostel. The two hostels face each other on University Road. If bombs were blasted and guns fired, it couldn’t have been a one-sided affair. Why then did the police invade one hostel and spare the other? If we are to go by the reports published in different newspapers, the police ran amuck,  entered some  rooms by breaking their doors, damaged goods inside, destroyed valuable documents and assaulted the inmates . Could anything be more barbaric?
A report says that the police swung into action when it received a complaint from one of the hostel superintendents who was not present on the scene  but was travelling in a train. He asked  them to take action in the matter. The police acted promptly as if a war had started between two hostels when it was nothing but a case of rivalry between two groups of student leaders. The police did not spare even guests and  guardians  who were visiting their wards. The attention of the higher police authorities was drawn and they are now inquiring into the matter. One is tempted to believe that the police inquiry will defend the defaulters in uniform. If so, how will truth be known?

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