Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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hostel role and reponsibilty

Certain questions are being asked: Can a superintendent run a hostel from a moving train? Are the hostel superintendents anywhere around to  oversee what is happening inside? Some of these officials are stated to have shifted from the bungalows allotted to them by the side of the hostels and settled down far, far away.

Can remote control be effective?

I may recall what late  Dr BBL Saxena told me. He was a former Hostel Superintendent of SSL Hostel  who later on became Vice Chancellor of Agra and Meerut Universities. He told me in an exclusive interview some months before his death that he was very, very particular about what was happening inside the hostel. He stayed in an adjoining bungalow and mentioned how every night he would stir out of his bungalow with a big torch showing him the way. The students could see the beam of his torch from a distance and would rush inside their rooms. He used to daily go round the hostels. There was thus no question of any unauthorised entry into the hostel to say nothing of forcible stay in any room by an ex-student.
Mr Kunwar Saxena, retired Sales Tax Commissioner and a former inmate of the SSL Hostel once told me that for even a minor offence by any student, a court of inquiry was held, a committee was formed and the erring students had to face the trial as if they were confronting judges in a court. Kunwar Saxena says that the senior teachers comprising the court of inquiry enjoyed a high reputation for their honesty and integrity as also were great disciplinarians, their power and prestige flowing from their academic brilliance which was matchless. Kunwar Saxena says that the verdict of the inquiry committee was never disputed by the students. That was the stature of teachers in those days, recalls Kunwar Saxena.
When Prof O.P.Bhatnagar was associated in similar capacity with one of the hostels, I used to find him promoting extracurricular activities. They would have Block functions and organize debate, symposia. I recall participating in one when Prof Bhatnagar addressed us.  One could never  imagine that anything destructive  would be passing through the minds of the hostellers.

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