Thursday, January 18, 2018
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late rehman ali

The proctor was a much feared man in the olden days.  Late Rahman Ali, advocate, would often tell me that the moment students heard the sound of proctor Col Tewari’s car entering the campus, they would move aside even when they had committed no fault.  But the proctors today arouse no such fear. And in the recent case, reports say that the proctor stood helplessly as teachers were being thrashed in his presence!

The present-day proctor may be having more powers but he does not command the same respect which his predecessors in office did. I am tempted to recall another incident. Professor S.C.Deb, Head of the English Department, was the chief proctor for some time. He was very particular about his duties. Once when he was taking his classes in the English department, there came a report that sports fans, watching a crucial match on the MCC (Muir Central College) field had suddenly become angry over an umpire’s decision. The protesters became quite unruly and rowdy. When Prof Deb heard about it, he rushed from his classroom and reached the MCC field. He asked the peon to bring a table. Prof Deb stood up on the table to be visible from a distance.  He then thundered in his voice, ‘Khamosh’  (Silence). Eye-witnesses, including our contributor Principal G.C.Saxena, then a student, say that the moment the mob heard Prof Deb’s thundering voice, there was instance silence. The Proctor reprimanded them and the mob was tamed.

There is another instance—in lighter vein, but real nevertheless. It so happened that a student of Economics Department was mistaken to be a Romeo. The then proctor called him to his room, took away his identity card and threatened action. The boy denied the charges. He went to Professor P.C.Jain of the Economics Department. He was a senior Reader. He asked the boy as to what was the matter. When the student told him about the case and that he had been hauled up for eve-teasing, Prof Jain laughed loudly. ‘You? A bookworm- an eve teaser? Impossible’. Prof Jain took him along to the Proctor’s office. The Proctor had apparently been his student. He told the Proctor, ‘This boy is innocent. I can vouch for him..’ The Proctor mumbled something. Prof Jain then told the Proctor, ‘In your college days don’t tell me you  never chased any girl...!’ The embarrassed Proctor returned the student’s identity card. This incident showed that the teachers then knew their students thoroughly—because they met daily in class.

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