Thursday, January 18, 2018
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traffic drive month

The much-acclaimed  month-long Traffic Drive (from November 1 to 30)began with a bang and ended with a whimper. The traffic cops had no face to show because despite the drive, they could not stop the reckless drivers from killing so many people under the wheels of their heartless vehicles.

They might have challenged and challaned many vehicles and earned sizeable revenue. But that is their duty which should be performed round the year, round  the clock. Why should traffic drives be converted into mere vehicle-checking drives and that too restricted to two wheelers?  License checking should be done every day whenever any suspicion is aroused. But this is never done. The cops at the crossings take their job very lightly.
The only perceptible effort made by the Traffic police was to visit schools and lecture to tiny tots.  I don’t dispute that school children should be taught  traffic rules. But why should cops perform the task of school teachers?
Do teach school children about traffic rules --but through their own college staff. I would suggest that the traffic authorities should send a circular to all schools asking them to fix at least one lecture class on Traffic during the week. The class could be fixed for Saturday because the next day being a holiday, some of the youngsters having bikes would definitely be using them. If they heed the tips given in class then that would go a long way to ensure that kiddies are more cautious on roads. But on the basis of the circular that the administration may send, the students concerned should be imparted education on traffic management by their own teachers and not by cops as their time is very valuable. One advantage of this will be that those who teach will themselves learn a lot about the details  of  the rules and regulations in force.  Cops themselves say that they are understaffed. If that be so why should they be burdened with the responsibility of lecturing before kiddies? They should be seen taking roadside classes for tempo and bus drivers. Then alone will the chaotic conditions  on the roads  be  eliminated.

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