Thursday, January 18, 2018
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crowded cities

I don’t know whether any official has gone round to get a first hand idea of where and why the traffic jam is the longest and at its peak. But my experience is that wherever there is no Roadways bus or other private carriers of similar if not bigger size, the traffic moves smoothly. It is likely at some spots that the haphazard movement of tempos and the unruly crawling of rickshaws may delay the movement by fits and starts but the movement goes on.

But go on the same passage when several huge buses are also on the route. It would then be impossible to move an inch when a big bus stands before you like the great China wall. The space on the one-way narrow routes  is so tight that no vehicle can overtake and bypass the huge barrier.
This is the main hurdle; and  whether the transport authorities like it or not, these buses are the villains. Those seated inside—often the occupancy is half—feel stranded. They see others moving fast and find themselves hooked at some corner. 
Let these buses run on open roads. But the planners do not seem to realize the importance of practical solutions. They talk of utopian solutions— about building several flyovers, even double-decker flyovers(as Sheila Dixit has promised the Delhi electorate).When those utopian dreams will be fulfilled is anybody’s guess. If our roads are not capable of  coping with the onslaught of heavy buses, why doesn’t someone send a report to those that matter and ask them to  supply us mini-buses which will ensure full occupancy rate and will be able to shoot through even crowded roads like a bullet? What is the use of sitting in an air-conditioned bus if it does not move or moves at a snail’s pace? Isn’t it incurring more expenses because of the running engines when motionless to say nothing of the expenses on the Air Conditioners? If a journey that can be completed in one hour takes three hours to complete, doesn’t the AC consumption of power and fuel increase threefold?

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