Saturday, February 17, 2018
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senior most women advocate

The sudden passing away of advocate Ramo Devi came   as a big  jolt to many of us. She was the senior-most practising women lawyers of Allahabad High Court; and once when I asked her whether she was also the first woman advocate of the city as well, she had replied in the negative.

The first time I heard of her was when she was fighting a case for a victim of male deceit—Mrs Harbans Kaur. The latter had engaged Ramo Devi as her lawyer and I recall how Harbans Kaur would narrate to me the arguments Mrs Ramodevi was placing before the court to challenge some very senior, and at times, outspoken defence  counsel. Harbans Kaur would go on chirping all the time, ‘Ramo Devi said this in court...Ramo Devi rebuffed the defence counsel by saying....’ The image I could form about Ramo Deviji through  Harbans Kaur’s narration of the court proceedings was that she was a very bold woman who could stand with confidence and determination before the highest and the mightiest in the profession.
 Only some weeks ago she had telephoned to me and was in her usual hard-hitting mood, criticising the modern eve for neglecting personal security and safety for the sake of fashion and modernity. Her advice even on previous occasions was that women should not wear gold, silver jewellery and stressed that even brides should be decorated not with the conventional ornaments but by flowers which could  indeed turn a bride into a natural beauty in the real sense, covered as she would be with decorative pieces made from flowers of different varieties.
She was highly critical of the ADA and mentioned how she had fired two or three ADA chaps who had gone to her residence on Drummond Road and wanted to know why she had constructed a wall on her roof without  permission. She fired them and told them that it was a temporary ‘katcha’ wall but what about the illegal constructions that were coming all around? The ADA personnel left, but not before she gave them a bit of her mind. Mrs Ramo Devi once invited me to a wedding in the family just to show how a feast can be served with the traditional style of cooking. She also said that the bride was not wearing any traditional jewellery.
Then she apparently lost my phone number. So she rang up Mr Tamal Kanti Ghosh at Kolkota and requested him for my phone number. When I learnt of this, I promptly rang her up. That was some weeks ago. That was the last time I heard her voice. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Our condolences to all members of  the bereaved  family.

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