Thursday, January 18, 2018
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unusual sight

It is quite an unusual sight seeing AU teachers taking to the streets to protest against the unpardonable behaviour of a few students. A day will come when parents too may go on strike because of their failure to control their unruly children. In both the cases, the responsibility of inculcating disciple lies with the elders. Teachers and parents belong to the same category.

In fact a teacher is held in higher esteem than even the parents because father and mother could be illiterate but not the teachers .
Then shouldn’t we also introspect to find out where we have gone wrong? After all, it is failure on our part to give proper training to the juniors which is the reason for the trouble we see. It is the responsibility of the potters to give a proper shape to the clay in hand.
When I asked some students what they thought of the teachers’ strike and their assurance that when things are normal they will complete the courses through extra classes, the blunt reply was: ‘Do you think they teach when the classes are on? We no longer depend for the completion of our courses on the campus teachers. We are doing so already in coaching houses.’ And one of them said, ‘Some of the teachers are coaching there too. That is how we come to realize that they can teach as well We are the same. They are the same. Why don’t they strike there as well?’

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