Thursday, January 18, 2018
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childrens playing in fields

The general complaint these days is that children are hardly ever seen on the sports field. This is because after school hours they go for coaching. They go for coaching because the teachers do not teach properly. They do not teach properly because they want the boys and girls to join their coaching institutes and swell their profits. This is not all.

I have found children going to even two or three coaching centres to perfect themselves in all subjects most of which are half-heartedly taught in schools. If a student keeps himself busy in the prime evening hours with his studies in the coaching institutes, when will he play games? And when it is all work, work and more work what happens? We are reminded of that popular saying,’All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy’

In a recent article in the ‘Madhumehika’ magazine on diabetes  edited by Dr Shanti Chowdhury,  Dr Sarita Bajaj has  warned parents that since children and teenagers are suffering  from  excess body weight due to hardly any physical exercise, they could fall a victim to diabetes. She has strongly recommended more time for play and has allotted less than an hour’s time for TV serials and TV games.  They should eat meals on the dining table and not while watching TV. She wants schools to organize ‘Healthy Eating Week’ (She hasn’t advised that if this ‘Healthy Eating Week’ ,  coincides with traffic week then cops with fat tummies, going to school to lecture boys on traffic   be subjected  to  a lecture on physical culture as a reciprocal gesture by the school authorities!)
I fully endorse Dr Savita Bajaj’s  suggestion that ‘schools should have an hour of physical activity made compulsory for all students’. As I have stated above, the implementation of this suggestion may face difficulty in view of the tuition-cum-coaching schedules of the boys. I would therefore suggest that in the college itself, during the regular classes, a period be fixed daily for games, drills, physical exercises. If this games period is held say one period before the lunch break (with one class intervening) then the boys will feel refreshed, study better and also enjoy their meals. This is an urgent issue. Will the schools comply

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