Saturday, February 17, 2018
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park with encroachments

It i easy to suggest that children should be given an hour’s physical training  daily to make them trim and lanky. But not all schools might be having open space. Then what should the school  authorities do? They can select a period and march the boys to the nearest park where drills be carried out and games played.  But do we now  have parks left for such work?

Possibly not. Why ? Because many of these have been converted into cowsheds  where one can see cows and buffaloes huddled together. Why has this been allowed?
I would request  the Nagar Nigam authorities to remove all encroachments from there. Then alone can we hope to restore old charm of the parks.
And if one has no scope for visiting even a  park then the class teacher can help the boys by ensuring drill classes so that the boys do get subjected to physical labour of some of some sort. I would suggest that when at home, these children can be involved in physical games in the neighbourhood. We have to involve kiddies in physical activities but without coercing them to do so. If it comes during school hours they will not feel the burden at all. But at home they may not like to be robbed of their leisure time. How that can it be managed may differ from parent to parent. But we must remember that we have to ensure that the child does not get overweight as that could lead to various complications which must be avoided at all costs.

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