Saturday, February 17, 2018
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allahabad high court

It is indeed a pity that the University authorities have not been able to act firmly against the unruly elements who assaulted some teachers on the campus. If the High Court has intervened, and rightly too, it is because the university administration, the police authorities and the district officials, all have failed to come to grips with the situation which calls for drastic action on all fronts.

The High Court has ordered  the University authorities to take swift action within 72 hours and have the hostels vacated by unruly elements.
Once the hostels are freed from the clutches of both the unruly elements and the unauthorised occupants, the administration will have to ensure that they do not return. It would be interesting to know how much effective the hostel superintendents are these days. There was a report that most of them do not stay on the campus or even close-by. How can remote control be effective if indeed that happens to be so?
In the eras gone by the hostel superintendent used to take regular rounds.(Late) Dr BBL Saxena once told me that he would daily visit the hostel (SSL) and take a round. Every room was under the scrutiny of his vigilant eye. How is it that this type of control, which was supposed to be exercised by the Hostel Superintendents was relaxed?
It is true that the University passed through a dark phase immediately before it was given the status of a central university. The University got the funds to which a Central University is entitled but did not enforce the same discipline, the same culture that is associated with a Central University. And this is all the more painful because our University has a golden past when it was regarded as the Oxford of the East. I shudder to even imagine what name would suit it today.

The University will have to gird up its loins. It cannot go 9on depending on others . The discipline must flow from within. But thi does no seem to be happening. That is why we seem to be having so manmy problems. We do not expect Vice Chancellor Prof A.K.Singh to be another Dr Amaranatha Jha. But he can certainly be another Dr Balbhadra Prasad(a former VC) who had managed the affairs on the campus with an iron hand.

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