Saturday, February 17, 2018
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blind man 

The police did not cover themselves with glory but wrote another chapter of shame, disgracing their uniform and committing the unpardonable act of badly assaulting a blind student . And what was his fault? Some VIP’s car was coming out of a residential quarter.  This lad-- Udit alias Hari Narain of Sulem Sarai, a student of Allahabad University-- stood there waiting for a tempo. If a report is to be believed, they kicked the boy till he fell, making way for the VIP car to pass.

The blind boy started mumbling in protest. The cops, on VIP guard duty, couldn’t bear this effrontery and so thrashed him again. One of the cops hit him with the butt of his rifle. On lookers were stunned to see this police barbarity. What is more, when another young man tried to help the blind youth, he too was badly beaten up by the cops. By no stretch of imagination can this cruel high-handedness of the policemen be justified. Only two days earlier the Viklang Day was observed. Is this how the cops observe the disabled day? By  thrashing the blind?
A report says that the SSP has been apprised of the matter and he has taken a serious note of it. It would be in the fitness of things to demand that the cops who assaulted the blind boy should be punished. If they  cannot differentiate between a blind boy and an ordinary youth with eyes, do they deserve to be there in the force? Or were the cops themselves blind despite having healthy eyes?
Crime in the city and suburbs is increasing. Houses are being burgled.  There is no fear of the police among the criminals. The daredevils burgled a jeweller’s shop located in  the Lal Mohammad area of Naini, lifted a safe weighing 150 kg, emptied it a  kilometre and a half away and decamped with gold ornaments worth Rs 25 lakhs, leaving behind no sign whatsoever. It seems now the thieves are not taking the risk of breaking the Safe lock on the premises but prefer to carry it away and break it at their own convenience. Some months ago an iron safe, regarded as an ancestral  heirloom  by the Usmani family, was stolen past midnight. The police have failed to make any recovery. Road accidents have been taking place at an alarmingly rapid pace but the traffic police seem to be oblivious of the same. They are not present on the spot in most cases. Why?  Is it because they are busy taking classes of school children to teach them traffic rules?


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