Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The Annie Besant incident is most shocking, to say the least. The urchins of the area managed to enter the  premises  because the boundary wall was broken.  That is the reason why the anti-social elements or the bomb planters managed to enter the premises. But why give them a chance?

Since such incidents might be repeated, the education authorities or the district administration should order inspection of all the schools and colleges to verify whether or not the boundary walls of their  institution is in order or not.
Who knows that bomb might have been planted there temporarily and was meant to be taken away  for fixing elsewhere. The plan could also have been to ignite the bomb when the children were playing near about but that it had to be abandoned  because some innocent children had taken it to be a toy.

 Ideal spots to hide these crude bombs are the garbage heaps which get bigger and bigger when the filth is not lifted for long, as happens frequently.  The striking staff might have come back to work but one can never be sure that they would daily go and lift the garbage from all places. And some spots are neglected too. The garbage heaps are not supposed to be burnt on the roadsides. In fact a warning to this effect was painted on some of the garbage boxes too. But this rule is not enforced. From the safety angle it should be enforced because in case a bomb has been placed there and some one sets the garbage heap afire, the bomb may blast and anything could happen.

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