Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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DR. s.p. singh

Citizens must give a big hand to Dr S.P.Singh, the Principal of Motilal Nehru Medical College, who has given an assurance that measures will be taken to promote people’s faith in the integrity, efficiency and quick response of doctors. The seniors too have responded by offering to start a helpline number on which the patients can report against any high-handedness that they may have to face from any member of the staff, including junior doctors.

(To interrupt the narration, the Junior Doctors  have ignored all these assurances and have gone on indefinite strike from Saturday. There was no senior around to help the patients many of whom had started leaving) Dr Singh was meeting pressmen in the aftermath of the frequent skirmishes between junior doctors and relatives of patients. Sometimes the situation has taken an ugly turn and even police help has been taken to restore peace. It is true that the provocation at times may be too difficult to endure. But it has to be remembered that if a patient or his relatives groan, fret or fume because of the lack of proper attention, they cannot be blamed. Even a normal person reacts strongly when he has to wait for very long before he is attended to in any government office. But the case of patients is different from the rest and deserves to be treated urgently on a priority basis. Once that is understood and once it is realized that the relatives of the patients  feel even  more mentally tormented and agitated  than the physical suffering  that the patient is undergoing, then there would be greater understanding of the ground reality. In this connection it is welcome to note that  Dr Singh  has requested all Heads of Department and the senior Faculty members at the Hospital to ensure that the junior doctors and the paramedical staff  adopt a polite behaviour towards the patients and their relatives or attendants. When the seniors are undertaking that responsibility it should be presumed that they will be present nearby too which right now they seldom are—a grievance of the juniors.
Dr Singh also took this opportunity to express regrets over the assault on  an advocate  and members of the families of other patients too in the recent past.
A hospital should treat patients and not turn into a battle ground between the aggrieved relatives and the medical staff. The problems that the patients face are not restricted to rude behaviour or the highhandedness of some members of the staff. The patients have to face rebukes and shouts when they demand medicines that are supposedly to be distributed free but for which the relatives are asked to rush to the open market to buy them and pay heavily through their nose.


#1 Dr. VK Mishra 2017-01-13 19:29
Dr. SP Singh Principal is not a helping man. He is not a good man.

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