Thursday, January 18, 2018
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bishop manjalys timely

New Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese,  Bishop Raphy Manjaly called upon doctors to adopt a humanitarian approach while treating their patients. The removal of physical main was not enough. There should be spiritual healing as well. The milk of human kindness should flow in the process of medication and it should not be a mere mechanical process.

‘You must apply spiritual balm to their wounds as well and then you will see the miraculous change’. The Bishop, who was the chief guest at the Hospital Day function organized to celebrate the completion of Nazareth Hospital’s 38 years said, he disagreed with those who  brag about anything being ‘untouched by hands’. He said, ‘I don’t mean you should bypass hygienic requirements’ but stressed that the magic of touch often had the unbelievable healing power which cannot be denied.  He is right, In earlier days doctors would feel the pulse of a patient, put their hand on the  forehead of  the sick man  to assess his ailment. But now a days the doctor in most cases  keeps a distance from his patients and instead goes after mechanical tests,  wears a mask and gloves   when he enters the operation theatre, supposedly to keep infection away but actually to escape contacting the patient’s disease himself..

The Bishop’s speech is very relevant in the context of the junior doctors stir. Were they to adopt a humanitarian  approach towards the patients and their guardians, there would be no occasion for the junior doctors to assault any one and later on, go on strike when a counter attack takes place. After the meeting I personally met the Bishop and congratulated him for delivering a very thought-provoking speech.

The Bishop applauded the good work that the Nazareth Hospital is doing and promised to help the hospital in every way to enable it to reach still more glorious heights of fame. Earlier Dr K.K.Antony, Director Nazareth, in his welcome address gave us a glimpse of the Bishop’s glorious career so far and promised to do their best to serve the hospital under his patronage and guidance. Rev Antony did not forget to pay glowing tributes to the former Bishop Isidore Fernandes who, he said, had contributed in a big way to take forward this hospital at a galloping speed, turning it from  scratch into a magnificent healing centre.

Strike claims 2 lives

The Bishop did not even remotely mention anything about the strike of junior doctors  but his healing message applied to them, more so after a newspaper report in a Hindi daily on Monday morning revealed in shrieking headlines that ‘Hartaal ne le li do yuvakon ki jaan’ (Strike claims lives of two youths). The two youths got badly injured in road accidents. One daily says that the hospital declared them  ‘brought dead’. Since medical profession cannot be compared with any other job because elsewhere strikes do not lead to death, hence the medicos   just realize how the  bereaved families of the killed youths  must be feeling. Is their inconvenience greater than the shattering sorrow and irreparable loss suffered by the families of the dead?


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