Thursday, January 18, 2018
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acid ciritic

The Supreme Court has ruled that whenever a case of atrocity against woman is reported, an FIR should be immediately filed and the case pursued subsequently. The orders are clear. Under no circumstances should the FIR be delayed. This particular case occurred  in Sohbatiabagh and the victim Kalpana Nag alleges that the George Town police has refused to file an FIR against her tormentors. She is supposed to have gone to the SSP where she was assured that the needful will be done.

Kalpana Nag ‘s husband Ashok Nag, who died some years ago, was working in the Northern India Patrika for a long time. Not only he—his late father too was an employee of the Patrika. I would not like to dwell upon the property dispute which is going on between  Mrs Nag and one of the accused. The court will decide that. But if acid was thrown at her—which is a very, very serious crime— then why the delay? The accused is reported to have completely denied the charge. Who will accept a grievous allegation like this even if it is true? It is for the police to investigate the case in all seriousness.

The victim has two young daughters too. The intruders are alleged to have misbehaved with them too.
As I have been stating frequently, people are no longer safe inside their own houses. What then is one to do?And if the police keeps on dilly-dallying the public can hardly be blamed in case they lose faith in the ability and sincerity of the administration in helping them out of a situation of acute distress.

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