Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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wedding reception

In places like Delhi, wedding receptions are held in the day time. Sometimes even wedding ceremonies are solemnized in day time. The Pandits take out such mahurats as would ensure even daytime weddings.

But I would not insist on couples choosing daytime if the exact muhurat, rather the best one,  is fixed at night. Let the marriage be a quiet affair. But Wedding Receptions can be held in the day time. This would have several benefits. In the first place the late arrival of baraats would be a thing of the past. Let only a selected few be asked to join the baraat. All those long processions at night, the halts in the middle of the road to perform Bhangra and a long, long time taken at the entry point of the bride’s home with deafening band music exceeding the permitted limits of sound and inviting legal trouble,  would become  things of the past, if a wedding reception is to take place in the day-time. The use of crackers and fireworks would then also not be necessary.

AVOIDABLE EXPENSES:These are avoidable expenses and should be dispensed with , more so as they put the public, the non-invitees in particular to gross inconvenience. Even the invitees feel very much inconvenienced when all ceremonies get delayed due to some persons, under the influence of liquor, who dance and dance and dance as if they alone were feeling happy on the occasion and none else. And this delay at the night wedding proves quite costly to those who have left behind their houses locked. On return some of them find their houses burgled.

I am suggesting day-time wedding because in the first instance from the safety and security angles, people living in distant areas will   not feel unsafe  while going and coming to the venue of the reception and secondly, when they are away from home, in their absence their houses would be safe.

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