Thursday, January 18, 2018
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air allahabad

Bravo!  AIR Allahabad set a new record on Wednesday (Dec 11) morning when at 4am it suddenly came to life on its FM channel that broadcasts Vividh Bharati programmes.  I usually tune in to Vividh Bharti ar night and doze off without shutting the transistor. This happened on Tuesday night. But at 4am I was jolted out of bed with a jazzy and fast number singing something about ‘Tinku’.

I thought some ‘Bidai’ in the neighbourhood was taking place. But the music was too close to be ignored. It is then that I realized that my radio was ‘singing’ jazz at that hour. In the past this has  happened for a few seconds and one could  hear someone say, ‘Testing—Testing’ But this time there was no testing. This unscheduled broadcast went on for an hour and a half and was shut at 5.30 am. They were all fast numbers with a tinge of folk style. But it seems that the favourite of the Test transmission in-charge were the Dupatta songs including ‘Dupatta Naurangia’ which were played twice, once towards the end. But the song that especially attracted my attention was, ‘Tu ne kisi se kabhi pyar kiya’. This is because the male voice resembled that of Mukesh. The female partner was obviously new.  Another song that was played twice was, ‘Vohi hota hai jo manzoor-e-khuda hota hai’. Then there were songs like ‘Jhumka girade, nach ke dikhade’ and ‘Main gai aasman’, ‘Sania, tu hi meri manzil’, ‘saat samundar paar’ and so on.
I am sure Manjul must be sleeping soundly, dreaming about the new programmes that he might be planning, little realizing that their technical staff were enjoying folk jazz and sharing the same with the public from 4am rill 5.30am.
I recall my elder sister telling me of a similar happening in AIR Delhi in 1939. The artistes were rehearsing play. They went off the scrip and started mimicking the station director and other senior staff of radio station till some senior official rushed in to warn them: ‘Stop it. The transmission is on’

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