Thursday, January 18, 2018
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One of the most outspoken ministers of UP, Mr Azam Khan,  does not lose his temper unnecessarily. He has some valid ground or the other to do so. And the other day when he was in city to attend a wedding function in Rambagh he was horrified to see  piles of  building material dumped on the roadsides , hindering the flow of traffic.

He saw this scene at many places while passing through different roads of the city. He is stated to have called the Nagar Ayukta Pradeep Kumar and asked him to take prompt steps to have these dumps removed.
Poor Pradeep Kumar is facing the firing squad of critics from all sides. But in his defence it can be said that he has only recently taken over as Municipal Commissioner. What we see around is a legacy he has received from his predecessors who failed to rectify the situation. Nagar Ayuktas have come and gone and I have always been drawing their attention to these dumps of building material and asking them to take penal action against the defaulters but all appeals have fallen on deaf ears.
The Nagar Nigam is now planning to recover the cost of removal of these heaps from the builders. Let me tell Pradeepji what one of his predecessors in office, Badal Chatterjee, used to do. He had given a general warning that the building material or the wastage should not be dumped on roadsides. He would personally take round of the city with the necessary paraphernalia to act. If the builders did not comply with the orders, he would remove the building material which was released only after the defaulter had paid the fine. If the defaulter failed to take action, Badal used to auction the material, as far as I remember. I am sure there must be several NN employees who had worked  under Badal. They will give the necessary details to Pradeep who should act in a likewise manner.
But it is not the sole responsibility of the Nagar Nigam to remove this rubble. The Police too are authorised to confiscate anything that hampers the smooth flow of traffic. And this dumping of building material is in a way a form of encroachment as well. The Traffic police too should give up lecturing school kiddies and  swing into action  to punish those who have forcibly occupied the roads at different places in the city. Unless strong action is mooted, the dumpers will not be reformed. Punishment if not penal action is all that would scare the defaulters.

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