Saturday, February 17, 2018
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yogeshwar tewari with teachers

Prof Yogeshwar Tewari says that teachers are there to teach and not perform the functions of a Daroga. Let them leave matters concerning law and order to the police and also abide by the statutes of the University which ensure that justice will be done in dealing with the law breakers on the campus. Prof Tewari strongly condemned the unpardonable attack on teachers recently but said at the same time that strike was no answer.

The students had to be tackled differently. Teachers should set an example and not become a part of the mob hysteria that erupts whenever there is any trouble on the campus. In this connection, Prof Tewari recalled the glorious example of non-violence set by former Vice Chancellor R.K.Nehru. To refresh the memory of those who are on strike, Prof Tewari recalled how Dr R.K.Nehru and wife Rajen Nehru had gone to hospital with fruits and flowers to ask about the welfare of students who had been hospitalized following a lathi charge. He said, ‘When Dr Nehru approached a student writhing in pain in the hospital bed, the student could not contain himself. ‘Pehle lathi chalwaate ho ab marham lagaane aye ho?’ The young man got up from his bed and slapped R.K.Nehru in fury. Everyone was stunned. Mrs Nehru could not tolerate it. She flared up and asked Nehru to leave and also tender his resignation from the thankless job. But R.K.Nehru maintained his calm and said, ‘Look at his plight. Just consider the matter from his angle. He is in acute pain. He needs sympathy’. And then, turning to the lad, he said, ‘Don’t worry son, all will be well, I assure you’.  It was now the turn of the boy to be stunned. Later when things calmed down, the boy is said to have gone to Dr R.K.Nehru and offered his apologies to him, saying that he had lost his balance when he attacked him. Dr B.N.Asthana once told me that he was a witness to this slapping scene as he was also accompanying R.K.Nehru that day. Dr Asthana told me that as far as he remembered that angry lad had picked up his shoe and hit the Vice Chancellor with that but even then the VC  did not lose his calm. Says Dr Asthana: ‘After that my regard and respect for R.K.Nehru soared to great height’.
Dr Yogeshwar  Tewari tells me that a section of teachers, including him, have already resumed their classes. ‘How can we ruin the future of the students by not taking classes when winter is ideal time for study?’ he said.  I told him that teachers had resented the VC’s refusal to meet them and that one of them said, ‘If Rajan Harshe had been here, he would have stood by us’. Professor Tewari said,’Each one has his own style of functioning. But it is wrong to say that the present VC, Prof A.K.Singh has no concern for the teachers. He said the VC was  to fly  for an important engagement and was at the Bamrauli airport when he got the report about the assault on Professors. He cancelled his trip and rushed back to the campus. Prof Tewari also revealed that when the acid –victim girl was hospitalized, the VC did go to see the girl in hospital and also was instrumental in having some funds sanctioned for her treatment.
Right now what is important is that the classes should be resumed at the earliest. If there is delay and the authorities decide on ‘No classes- no pay’ rule then these teachers will say that the authorities are being vindictive. Can’t they  realize that prolonged absence from work should not be condoned?

Teachers have said that they would take extra classes to make up for the time missed. Are they sure? What if something else of a similar nature crops up as is bound to when there are a problem too many? The Warden of PCB Hostel says he was roughed up by a mob of  young men who  broke into his house. He says most of them were outsiders. But how can he be so sure of that? Or is this plea of ‘outside elements’ taken just to hoodwink people into believing that hostel students were not involved?


SJC Principal sets an example

father louis mascerenhas principal

Contrast this with the example set by  Rev Father Louis Mascerenhas, Principal. St Joseph’s College, Allahabad. He told me on Wednesday evening that he had been keeping very busy helping the science students in their practical assignments. He said it was not possible to give tips to a class of over 100 students who had several doubts to clear. So he divided them into batches of 10 each, called each batch one by one and interacted with them. That reminded me of the seminar classes that used to be held in AU  in the years –rather decades—gone by. What Principal Louis did was something exemplary. This counselling and interaction with small batches of students must have indeed done a lot to remove doubts in the minds of the students and also  to boost the morale of the boys.






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